We believe in the following:

  • Carlisle River Primary School is a welcoming school and we believe in people getting on, whether it is staff with staff, teachers with students, or the students among themselves.
  • Nobody gives of their best unless they feel valued and wanted – so that is where our educational philosophy begins.
  • Social development is as important as academic development and what doesn’t get noticed in assessment, we hope gets reflected in our Value Add work and in students’ records of achievement.


We are a caring school for all staff, students and the wider school community.

Carlisle River’s remote community fully recognises the importance of the school to their child’s development and the special benefits that can be provided by a small and supportive, family oriented educational environment.

The staff have a strong commitment to small school education, providing a stimulating and positive multi-aged, learning environment to cater for the varying needs, abilities, talents and interests of all students.

The welfare of each student is of paramount importance at Carlisle River Primary School. The school’s small size, its close community links and the strong and genuine commitment to educator ‘duty of care’ by the teachers, ensures a safe, nurturing school environment in which all students are carefully supervised and cared for.